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40%, or 400 of your employees are at risk, costing your company an extra $800,000 annually. We will help you save $585,600 with our program.

The benefits you will experience far exceed the dollar savings. Newtopia will help each employee on the program make sustainable lifestyle changes. You will be helping your employees decrease their risk of developing disease and become their best self.

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Savings per participating employee

Aetna sponsored a three year Randomized Control Trial (RCT) with Newtopia. The game changing results from the first year were published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (JOEM).

Not only did Newtopia help participants lose weight and experience meaningful clinical improvements, there was an in-year cost savings of $1,464 per employee per year.

These savings are equivalent to a 2X return on investment in just the first year of the program.


Here’s what our current customers are saying

“I’m looking forward to seeing progress from individuals who have moved the needle on their year-over-year biometrics results and can feel really good about how far they’ve come.”

I’ve been part of several vendor implementations, and Newtopia was by far the smoothest and most seamless I’ve ever experienced. Their implementation calls were very clear and concise, and we’ve had great engagement from the team since the initial kickoff. The Newtopia team went above and beyond to expedite the process and take things off our plates.


Newtopia has a great process in place and a really strong team. And it’s not just the teams that we work with directly, either. I know a lot happens on the backend with the transmission of the data, so when things don’t have to come back to me, that’s even better.

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“I weighed the same amount for 30+ years, and had no desire to lose weight. If it works for me and I can see results, it can work for almost anyone.”

We have an older male population (at my company), with a significant diabetic population. We’ve offered other programs to help them manage their diabetes, and we wanted to focus on weight management programs to slow down the onset of diabetes for our population. We want to offer something unique, so what I thought would click was the genetic testing component, and the scale that we would be receiving. I’ve done a couple of reference calls for Newtopia, and I walk them through the process about the genetics and the scale, and how easy it is to get started.