A happier, healthier life starts here. 

Our program is specifically designed for those who are looking to reverse their risk of developing disease.
With your personalized program, you can take control of your health once and for all.

Orange haired woman on bicycle
Male with a measuring tape around his waist

At 1% weight loss, clothing will begin to feel looser.

Man walking up stairs

At 2% weight loss, you’ll feel less winded when taking the stairs.

Mother and daughter holding hands next to a dog

At 3% weight loss, enjoy long walks around the neighbourhood.

Woman cutting healthy foods on a chopping board

At 4% weight loss, preparing healthy meals for the whole family is a joy.

Woman standing next to a bicycle

At 5% weight loss, riding a bike just got easier.

Group of people standing together

At 6% weight loss, your confidence boost will make you more social.

Man standing at desk using computer

At 7% weight loss, increased energy helps to make you more productive.

Get ready to become your best self!
We focus on taking small steps to help you achieve your goals and we’re here to help you every step of the way.

Please note: The effects of weight loss vary from person to person.

Here’s what our participants are saying.

“The genetic results and learning things I didn’t know about nutrition were what I found to be very educational.”

I decided to participate in the Newtopia program because I have always been an active guy, going to the gym and doing things around the house. As I got older, my metabolism slowed down–even with my high activity–so I knew I needed to do something about it. I liked the fact that I would be accountable to someone and that there was a genetic component, which would help me find out what was holding me back and help reverse the weight gain. My energy level is much higher now and my blood sugar levels have improved. My clothing is also too big, which is great, and I am at a weight that I haven’t been at in 10 years.

“I feel much better. My blood pressure has decreased. My medication has decreased by half. By next year I’ll be off meds completely.”

I chose Newtopia because I’d never done a program that had a coach, and also because of the genetic testing component. I wanted to see if it could come up with tools to reach and maintain a healthy weight. I’ve dieted in the past and done yo-yo dieting. I wanted to see what it would be like to have support; would it help me maintain my weight? I’m trying to do more things in my daily life to get more steps. I park far away in the parking lot. I take the steps, not the elevator. I’m not as winded when I do a flight of stairs. I used to climb one flight, now I can climb three!
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