Security – Internet Connection

Your connection is not private
Newtopia servers use encryption to protect your personal information. When your Achieve on the Go (AotG) app tried to connect to Newtopia servers at this time, the AotG app received an unusual or incorrect credentials. Some examples of unusual or incorrect credentials may include:

•  A wi-fi sign in screen has interrupted the connection
•  An attacker is pretending to be Newtopia
•  The registered certificate credentials have expired

In order to protect your information, Achieve on the Go stopped the connection from happening before any data was exchanged, ensuring that your information remained secure.

Network errors and attacks are usually temporary, so you should be able to access your profile when you try again later.

If you continue to have difficulty accessing your profile on AotG or have any other questions, please contact the Newtopia Care Specialist team.

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