“The genetic results and learning things I didn’t know about nutrition were what I found to be very educational.”


I decided to participate in the Newtopia program because I have always been an active guy, going to the gym and doing things around the house. As I got older, my metabolism slowed down–even with my high activity–so I knew I needed to do something about it. I liked the fact that I would be accountable to someone and that there was a genetic component, which would help me find out what was holding me back and help reverse the weight gain. My energy level is much higher now and my blood sugar levels have improved. My clothing is also too big, which is great, and I am at a weight that I haven’t been at in 10 years.

“I feel much better. My blood pressure has decreased. My medication has decreased by half. By next year I’ll be off meds completely.”


I chose Newtopia because I’d never done a program that had a coach, and also because of the genetic testing component. I wanted to see if it could come up with tools to reach and maintain a healthy weight. I’ve dieted in the past and done yo-yo dieting. I wanted to see what it would be like to have support; would it help me maintain my weight? I’m trying to do more things in my daily life to get more steps. I park far away in the parking lot. I take the steps, not the elevator. I’m not as winded when I do a flight of stairs. I used to climb one flight, now I can climb three!

“I feel that I really do have a partner on this journey and that I will continue to be successful when the time comes for maintaining my weight loss.”


The very BEST part of the program is Sarah, my Inspirator! Sarah and I set goals for increasing my activity levels. I now take classes at the gym 3 days per week and walk or bike on 2 other days. Sarah sends me information on healthy snacks and new recipes. If I hit a plateau, we look at things I can tweak to get back on track. Previously, I would have become frustrated and would have just given up and gone back to old bad habits.

“It’s so personalized, whatever your goals are. I’ve learned a lot and would tell everyone to give it a try.”


I have a young son who keeps me on my toes and I wanted to be more active. I didn’t think of myself as super unhealthy, I just wanted to feel better. I already enjoy being outside and I’m not a health fanatic, but I needed to change things up a little bit. Information can be powerful, so I think the genetic piece was really helpful. Katherine’s approach was great! She was very open and just gave suggestions and ideas. Being accountable to her is part of the important piece and the genetic aspect was important too. I found that to be unique.

“I feel better. I look better in clothes. I want to dress up more, and I want to look good!”


I did not think I would be as successful as I have been. In the first couple of months, I only lost 15 lb and then I didn’t lose anything for awhile. I wasn’t willing to make the changes. That’s when the coaching came in; they helped me realize that I just can’t eat as much. My coaches helped me realize I can do it. As I started to make small changes, the benefits began to show up. I didn’t think it would last, but it has—the weight loss, as well as the behavioral changes. My blood pressure is down. I’ve lost 40 lb. I want this to be the way that I live all the time!